Black Oak Arkansas

Black Oak Arkansas

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Formed in 1964, the band that would become one of original Southern Rock pioneers was born! Black Oak Arkansas! Jim “Dandy” Mangrum, the long-haired blond dynamo, who was recently declared by Classic Rock magazine to be the 32nd front man of all time from anybody in music, has the power and stage presence to keep himself and this slamming rock band in front of the public eye for a half of a century now! He’s been around the world many times, and this verbal fire-snatcher and master of stage antics has managed to make his name a household word in most of the civilized parts of Planet Earth!

His sidekick, co-writer, guitarist, lifelong friend and also a founding member of the band, is Rickie Lee Reynolds. Having been with Jim Dandy since junior high school, theirs has been an adventure that only a handful of human beings can claim to have experienced! With many Gold and Platinum albums to their credit these two scallywags have left a deeply engraved mark on the minds and hearts of millions of people worldwide over the years.

And they’re not done yet!

Black Arkansas Album CoverThe backbone and backbeat to this gang of rock maniacs is Mr. Johnnie Bolin. Brother of the world-famous Tommy Bolin, Johnnie has played, recorded and adventured with Black Oak Arkansas for almost three decades now! His has the job of keeping these crazy people locked down to that up-tempo stage magic that Black Oak Arkansas is so known for… and he does his job very well!

When Pat Daugherty (Black Oak’s original bass player) chose to come off the road to be put out to stud, he helped pick the man to give these hooligans the bottom they needed! From Fort Smith, Arkansas we give you George Hughen, king of the low notes! Another home-spun Arkansas ingredient thrown into the recipe, George has spent many a year now with the BOA boys… and that takes talent and endurance!

Finally… Hal MacCormack finishes off the necessary spice needed to bind this conglomeration! Former member of BOA friends Jimi Jameson and Survivor, Hal has been cranking out his extraordinary guitar work for the Raunch and Rollers for the better part of the decade!

Black Oak Arkansas! ‘Nuff said! Coming soon to a planet near you!

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Black Oak Arkansas

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