Carlo Riley – Michael Jackson Tribute Artist

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Carlo Riley - Michael Jackson Look AlikeCarlo Riley, a second generation Michael Jackson fan, has followed Michael Jacksons career since childhood. He began to emulate the star at the age of 5, displaying an incredible natural ability to perform MJ’s signature moves. These days, Carlo has taken his love of Michael Jackson to the highest level. Carlo ,the same height, weight¬† and similar physique as the real Michael Jackson, utilizes these attributes in conjunction with Makeup, costume reproductions and Michael Jackson attitude to create an exciting show that THRILLS crowds of young and old alike.

Carlo’s Michael Jackson emulation transcends generations, with the ability to replicate both younger and more recent Michael Jackson looks, from the Thriller era to current, he is an unstoppable entertainer, a trait he shares with his idol.

Carlo had the privilege of meeting Michael Jackson in person in March 2007 at the prestigious Thriller 25th anniversary party. Photos of the pair gained worldwide media attention with captions such as “Twins!” This proved to be the ultimate honor for Carlo, recognition of his celebrity tribute at the highest level.

Some know Carlo to be a Michael Jackson Impersonator, while others may call him a Michael Jackson tribute artist. One thing is for sure, he is a BIG MICHAEL JACKSON FAN!!!!!!!

To find out more, please visit this website. You can also find Carlo Riley on Facebook.

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