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The Angels were born in 1961 when sisters Barbara Allbut Brown (Bibs) and Jiggs Allbut Sirico (formerly of The Starlets with Linda Malzone and Bernadette Carroll) joined with lead singer Linda Jankowski Jansen and recorded their first hit on Caprice Records, “‘Til”. This was followed by “Cry Baby Cry” in 1962. Linda Malzone sang background vocals along with Bibs and Jiggs on the album “And the Angels Sing”, which contained these 2 singles.

Linda Jansen left shortly after a year. Kerri Downs (who later married Gerry Granahan, one of The Angels producers) filled in doing shows for a short while. Then, Peggy Santiglia Davison (formerly with The Delicates) joined Bibs and Jiggs. Bibs, Jiggs and Peg became well-known studio singers in NY recording demos and backgrounds as an entity, and separately, with such singers as Jeannie Thomas, Leslie Miller, Irma Franklin, Mikie Harrris and Valerie Simpson. They sang backup for many artists such as Rosie Greer, David Geddes, Neil Diamond, Trini Lopez, Lou Christie, Ben E. King, Tony Orlando and Frank Sinatra. They were then approached by FGG Productions partners, Bobby Feldman, Jerry Goldstein and Richie Gottehrer, with an offer to record “My Boyfriend’s Back”. With Peggy on lead, Bibs and Jiggs sang background (along with Bernadette Carroll on the third harmony part) on the albums “My Boyfriend’s Back” (which contained the single of the same name) and “A Halo to You”. Peggy, Bibs and Jiggs toured the US, Canada and Europe doing concerts, clubs and television until Peggy left and was replaced by Toni Mason. Toni toured with Bibs and Jiggs and recorded several sides with them as The Halos and then Toni eventually went out on her own.

The angels vintage photosAt this point Debby Swisher (formerly with The Pixies Three) joined the group. She recorded several Angels records for RCA with Barbara and Jiggs (see Discogaphy). When Debby departed in 1968, Bernadette Carroll toured with the group and sang lead on two Angels recordings for RCA. After just a year (in 1969), Bernadette left and Jiggs took a maternity leave. Bibs, Peggy and Toni Mason carried on, doing supper clubs and TV in Canada and touring in the US until Jiggs returned. By now, the great revival had begun, and it was a whole new ballgame. The oldies Rock and Roll extravaganza took hold, and the 3 (Peg, Bibs and Jiggs) had a surge in their career. They developed a long relationship with Richard Nader and played Madison Square Garden and many other venues in his huge revival shows (Look for a Richard Nader Tribute soon to come). There were also TV shows such as The Midnite Special and theater and arena shows all over the country. Bibs decided to pursue other interests and took her leave. Lana Shaw (who had worked with Peggy in The Serendipity Singers) then joined the group and worked until 1978, touring and doing TV.

After much deliberation, Peggy and Jiggs decided not to look for a third girl. They enlisted the talents of their guitarist/conductor, Stan Sirico, as the third voice. They worked with this configuration until January 2008. 

Stan is still conductor and guitar player, and now, in 2008, they have added one of Jiggs’ daughters, Karalyn Hugo, as the third Angel. With Bibs and Stan producing and arranging, all 5 are recording a reunion CD titled “Love, The Angels”. This CD contains mostly original tunes, including The Angels’ version of Beggin’ from the Broadway smash “Jersey Boys”, which Peg co-wrote with writer/producer Bob Gaudio of original Four Seasons fame. “Love, The Angels” also contains some vintage cuts and brand new surprises. 

The Angels®, Jiggs, Bibs and Peg, are thrilled to be recording together after so many years and Peg, Jiggs, Stan and Karalyn continue to perform. They thank their fans and all the very talented musicians and singers who recorded or performed with them and became The Angels’ family and friends.

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