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jon butcher

Grammy-nominated Jon Butcher is one of a select handful of influential recording artists comprising the legendary Boston music scene. MTV vids and hit songs, “Life Takes A Life” ,”Wishes”, “Holy War”, “Goodbye Saving Grace”, and “waiting For A Miracle” comprise the underpinnings of a music career that continues today.

Jon Butchers’ signature sound and particularly his guitar work represent a skillful mix of Americana- rock, r&b, Jazz and folk, all of it focused through a prism built from the Blues.

jon butcher in the spot lightJon’s company Electric Factory Music provides film score, soundtrack and music licensing services for television and film companies looking for something decidedly unique. With it’s launch at FOX in 1991, ELECTRIC FACTORY has provided music for all of the major network/cable television carriers through shows like; the currently running hit show, Shameless (Showtime), United States of Tara (Showtime), Ugly Betty [ABC], The Simpsons (Fox), Six Feet Under (HBO), Deadwood (HBO), My Name Is Earl (NBC), and many more.

2013-2014 will find Jon Butcher supporting the release of AXIS 3, the new Cd by The Jon Butcher Axis, in addition to live touring dates. Jon’s sister project, the acoustic blues-based Two Road East will also tour the US.

With a discography of 17 international CD releases, international critical and Guitar Media acclaim it’s hard to argue the point. Share the Vision.

For discography and other information about Jon Butcher, please visit: and Facebook.

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