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Keith Olsen – Engineer/Producer/Musician

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keith olsen producerAs Keith began his career in the music industry, he sensed a change in the direction of Pop and Rock music, and spent the next 30 years helping to define it. The next several decades were spent in darkened rooms with guitars turned up way too loud, singers spitting on pop screens, drummers spontaneously combusting into little green blobs, B3’s dying daily, broken strings, broken dreams, infinite days of set up, rehearsal, writing, recording, over-dubbing, editing, splicing, looping, changing, mixing, arguing with A&R men, challenged by managers and promo guys.

Never the less, its been quite a run making music, putting smiles on people’s faces, wiping away some of the tears, making sense of some pretty unique situations, but most importantly changing the way a couple of generations looked at our world. Great songs, played very cool by real people, and finally recorded in a way that future generations of music lovers will be able to enjoy.

keith olsen at deskA 25 time Grammy and Oscar nominated, a 6-time Grammy winner, with over 120 albums produced of which more than 24 are Platinum or better. His work appears on more than 550 albums, many feature films, and has brought in over 1 billion dollars at retail. Some of these albums include: Fleetwood Mac, Foreigner, Rick Springfield, Pat Benatar, Heart, Grateful Dead, Starship, Santana, The Babys, Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions, Sammy Hagar, Whitesnake, and soundtracks such as Flashdance, Footloose, and Top Gun just to name a few. In November of 2011, Keith was awarded the Hollywood Walk of FAME Award for Lifetime Achievement and currently serves proudly on the California State University, Chancellor’s Entertainment Advisory Board.

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