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Mark Lindsay – Former Lead Singer of Paul Revere & the Raiders

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Paul Revere and the Raiders

The former lead singer and co-founder of Paul Revere & the Raiders, Mark Lindsay was born in Oregon but raised in Idaho, where he began his career as the rockabilly singer in Freddy Chapman’s Idaho Playboys.

Mark Lindsay AutographHe and bandmates Dick and “Mooney” White, along with Paul Revere Dick and Jerry Labrum, soon formed The Downbeats… which became Paul Revere and the Raiders after they got their first contract with Gardena Records in 1961.

A contract with Columbia Records in 1963 and seventeen Top 20 hits later, with Mark Lindsay on all the Raider hits’ lead vocals (plus his solo hit “Arizona”), it’s still hard for him to believe that a shy, skinny, geeky farm kid could have been so lucky. His songs “Indian Reservation,” “Kicks,” “Hungry,” and “Good Thing” have become radio classics.

Mark still tours extensively as a solo artist, and has been featured on three of the last four summer-long sellout Happy Together tours with the Turtles and other icons of 60s and 70s music.

“…Every once in a while, a performer on one of those multi-act bills surprises with a talent level that not only reminds you of how good it used to be, but remains refreshingly good….Lindsay, more than any other act, made the songs vital. He moved particularly well, high-kicking and appropriately energetic, as he was with the Raiders those years ago.”
– John J. Moser, Lehigh Valley Music Blog 6/28/13

Mark Lindsay ConcertAnd of course, Mark continues to create new music.

His recording of “Treat Her Right” with Los Straitjackets in 2001 was cited by none other than author Stephen King in his column for Entertainment Weekly. “This remake of Roy Head’s 1965 soul hit smokes. And Mark Lindsay sounds so good you just gotta wonder where he was all those years.”

The Guardian (UK) said of his contribution to The Grip Weeds’ 2011 Christmas album, “The standout is ‘Santa Make Me Good’, with former Paul Revere & the Raiders singer Mark Lindsay.”

Mark LindsayMark followed up by recording a track with The Doughboys called “It’s a Cryin’ Shame”, and it was named by Little Steven as one of his Top Picks of 2012, alongside songs by the Beach Boys, Joe Walsh, Aerosmith, and Tom Jones.

Soon afterwards, Mark and Gar Francis from The Doughboys began writing songs together, and their collaboration culminated in Mark’s newest project, Life Out Loud. Little Steven was so buzzed about the demo that he produced and sang background on the first single, “Like Nothing That You’ve Seen”, and later named it “The Coolest Song in the World” on his massively-syndicated Underground Garage radio show.

“’Like Nothing That You’ve Seen’ is a good, old-fashioned garage raver with energy to spare.”
– Allan Haber’s pure Pop Radio

The second single, “Show Me The Love”, was just released and again garnered “The Coolest Song in the World” honors.

Mark lives his life in motion with his wife Deb and their three cats, and can be found traveling the world full time in his custom RV, by rail, and by ship.

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