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Ross “the Boss” Friedman

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Ross FriedmanAs a child, Ross showed great promise as a piano and violin prodigy but when he first touched the electric guitar he knew he found his true love. He played in various bands in high school. When Ross was playing in a band in New Paltz NY he met Andy Shernoff and they created a band known as The Dictators, who became the first signed punk rock band as the CBGBs scene was launched, and one of the most copied and influential bands of that genre.

Ross also played in the critically acclaimed French band Shakin’ Street opening for Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult when he was introduced to Joey DeMaio by Ronnie James Dio. Together, they co-founded the legendary True Metal band Manowar.

His eight years and six albums with Manowar gained him an unbelievably loyal cult following who widely considers Ross The Boss to be the definitive Manowar guitar player.

The Dictators revamped into a new band called Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom in the late 80’s bridging that gap from punk rock to metal really allowing him to showcase the kind of a guitar playing he does. Even though each of his bands are a different style of music, he says he’s just playing Rock and Roll.

Ross also had The Pack. Heyday and The Spinatras all major label releases .When his son was born, he stayed closer to home being a great dad and making music with his friends and other New York City based musicians. In 2005, the time was right for him to join former Blue Oyster Cult drummer Albert Bouchard in his band The Brain Surgeons, winning over audiences with his own style of guitar playing, and kicking the band up a notch into new territory for two albums.

Ross constantly writes and records new music and reunites with his old bands and former band members for special shows and projects. His 2005 appearance with Manowar at the Earthshaker Festival was so successful he formed the Ross The Boss band and signed with AFM Records Germany. His two critically acclaimed solo albums “New Metal Leader” and “Hailstorm” saw him playing shows and festivals all over the world, putting him back in front of a Heavy Metal audience and reminding everyone that Ross The Boss was one of the world’s most loved Metal guitar players.

As people started connecting with him on the internet, he began to collaborate with musicians online and guesting on tracks for bands like Majesty, Wotan, and Atlantean Kodex and The Vibrators

His newest project “Death Dealer” began as an online collaboration but quickly gelled into a supergroup featuring Sean Peck (Cage), Rhino (Manowar, HolyHell, Angels of Babylon) Stu Marshall (Dungeon, Empire of Eden), Mike Davis (Halford). The debut album has been so well received that the band is looking forward to touring Japan, South America and The World.

Ross The Boss was one of the pioneers of both Punk Rock and Heavy Metal, but whatever style he’s playing in you can be sure he’s happy just to be writing new music and playing the guitar with his friends.

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