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Sal Valentino

In 1964, the world was deluged by a flood of mind-altering variations on a relatively new theme called Rock and Roll. The Beau Brummels, led by the rich, moody vocals of superlative front man, Sal Valentino, exploded on the music scene with the Top 20 hit Laugh, Laugh. Considered the first American band to respond to The British Invasion and ironically, pioneer Country-Rock music, the Beau Brummels went on to release such classic top 40 hits as Just A Little, Don’t Talk To Strangers, and You Tell Me Why.   As The British Invasion evolved into a whole new era of psychedelia, The Beau Brummels decided it was time to pursue their separate musical muses with Sal going on to lead the big-band musical experience known as Stoneground.

Sal GuitarBut this is the 21st Century and today Sal Valentino is back on the road performing and sounding better than ever. Sal continues to tour extensively throughout the West Coast as well as appearing at select-featured performances across the country.  Sal’s haunting voice is still one of the most recognizable in music, prompting Ritchie Unterbeger, critic for The Rolling Stone to claim: “Sal Valentino owns one of the finest voices in mid-60’s Rock and Roll.”

Currently fronting his own band, which features a full string section, Sal has drawn on his 40 years of musical experience and crafted an incredibly unique sound and has made it available to his fans with an amazing new CD; Every Now And Then.  Every Now And Then, clearly establishes Sal as a performer who is still to be reckoned with; not just a singer but “a singers singer.”   After four decades of singing he combines his storied past with an amazing ability to reach contemporary listeners and continues to expand his demographic to include a whole new generation of listeners.

Sal ValetinoWith his newest recording, Sal combines the old with the new featuring a re-worked version of one of his biggest hits (Laugh Laugh), new tunes written by some of the regions finest new songwriters as well as a handful of songs written by Valentino himself.  The title track, Every Now And Then was penned especially for Sal by one of the country’s fastest rising stars, Jackie Greene.

Sal Valentino’s ability to craft great songs into uniquely individual experiences while drawing on his huge reservoir of classic Beau Brummels and Stoneground hits, make his performances compelling and sometimes nostalgic venture.  He can mesmerize you with his soulful interpretations of great songs, crafting them into his very own.

Sal Valentino can take you to that rare place that only the great vocalists of our time dare to go. (photo credit Landy Hardy)

Here Sal invites you to the show!

Here he sings an a capella version of Laugh Laugh, which was one of the Beau Brummels top 10 songs.

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