The Stars Align! What a Line-Up for the VIP PARTY TONIGHT! (SAT)

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The Westin LAX

6:05 PM sharp – Tony Valentino & Band

6:25 pm sharp – Mark Lindsay, “KRIGGER”, Chris Sheridan, Prescott Niles, Eric Ragno, Jon Butcher

6:35 pm sharp – Still Standing (Winning Band From the Battle of the Bands)

6:50 pm sharp – Peter Rivera, Prescott Niles, Nadir D’Priest, Chris Sheridan, Eric Ragno, Jon Butcher

7:00 pm sharp – Skynyrd Reloaded

7:30 pm sharp – Neil Turbin/Death Riders and 1 song with Michael Angelo Batio

7:50 pm sharp – Michael Angelo Batio

8:15 pm sharp – Jon Butcher

8:35 pm sharp – Black Oak Arkansas

8:55 pm sharp – London

9:20 PM sharp – Jennifer Batten/Carlo Riley

10:15 pm sharp – Missing Persons

10:35 pm sharp – Tommy Tutone, Prescott Niles, Chris Sheridan, Krigger, Eric Ragno

10:50 pm sharp – Artimus Pyle Band

11:10 pm sharp – Dick Wagner, Carmine Appice, Danny Seraphine, Mark Farner

11:35 pm sharp – Micki Free, Jean Beauvoir, Prescott Niles, Carmine Appice

Midnight Sharp – (I’m a Man) Danny Seraphine, Chris Sheridan, Eric Ragno, Prescott Niles, Nadir D’Priest

12:15 AM sharp – Ike Willis Band
 Finale…come together and gimme some lovin…all who want to jam!!!

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